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For the time being…Egypt Guitars are no longer in production.

This website exists primarily to document the history of the company and it’s products.

If you require any further information or wish to be kept informed of any future developments or availability please complete the contact form provided below or send us a message on facebook…

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In 2017 Jimmy moved to amazing new retail premises at 615 Great Western Road, Glasgow and continues trading to this day, carrying out high quality guitar repairs and retailing such premium brands as Fender, Guild, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Duesenberg, Warwick, Furch and many, many more.

Jimmy, Egypt Guitars and Jimmy Egypt & Sons Musical Instruments has absolutely no relationship or connection with the former CC Music trading in Jimmy’s old premises at Otago Street, Glasgow.


I apologise for those of you have have had the misfortune to be fooled into having guitar repair work carried out under the belief that it is under the auspices of Jimmy or his staff, only to find out later through the poor quality of workmanship, that it has not been so.


Any Guitar Repair work , sales or service advice should be directed to Jimmy’s new shop….Click the window to visit

JImmy Egypt & Sons
2017 – Jimmy Egypt & Sons Musical Instruments, 615 Great Western Road Glasgow G12 8HX

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