Here are some scans from my Bushy sketchbook of the original design drawings for the Isis guitar design which was also developed into the Nefertiti bass. This book never left my side during most of 1984-5. After we were happy with the design worked up in the sketches, we developed full scale drawings before then moving on to non-working full scale prototype models. You can see pics of the original prototype models here – Prototypes

















We started production with the Isis and Nefertiti shapes alone. As far as I remember the Osiris design was developed later following dealer requests for new designs with a more “rock oriented” shape. We decided to simply reverse the Isis body shape as we felt it worked really well…this in turn meant reconsidering how the neck joint and cutaways resolved. It was decided that a different headstock shape would suit the more aggressive shape. All design work for the Osiris model was done through full scale drawings and prototyping, none of which survive. Of the two designs this looks the more dated to my eyes. It’s definitely a child of the 80s!

the 80s